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C Communicators today have to work harder to make their product easier for audiences to access, comprehend and remember. Whatever is being opened, unfolded, flipped, clicked, scrolled and scanned must immediately impart its value. Which means it has to seize and engage. Be relevant or entertaining, or both. Creating such a product demands great forethought, ingenuity, iteration – and yes, investment. But you'll love the results. So will they.

Georgia Research Alliance Website: Responsive design website, rich in storytelling

Georgia Research Alliance

Oglethorpe University communications: Focus and simplicity in fundraising and student recruitment

Oglethorpe University

SREB: Education nonprofit brand identity program – and a library of printed materials, made accessible


Cerner Capital: Company naming, identity and website for investment management firm

Cerner Capital

Georgia Council on Economic Education: Faster access for schoolteachers, better storytelling for donors


Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE): A report that distills the impact of education


GRA video series: Scientific breakthroughs in two minutes

GRA Video Series

Graphic Communications Corp: Holiday greetings showcasing a printer's capabilities – from two vantage points

Graphic Communications Corp.

GRA print communications: Sharing the story of an economic development powerhouse

Business Cards GRA Print Communication